Driven By Curiosity

My Deep dive into the Ai Rabbit hole!


Make content creation fun againTransition to a “video first” worldMaster new (to me) toolsReplace disrupted passive income generators (AdSense)

Trusted Resources

Steve DottoDave KaminskiForrest LindenMacMostFacebook GroupsThe Admin Bar CommunityDave SwiftWordPress for Non-Techies


Build Wordpress websites with the aid of Ai generated content.Replace eBay, Etsy with my own Wordpress websites


Canva - For graphics on sites where I don’t have my own imagesCapcut - Good, Free Video editorCarrd - Quik placeholder sites for planned websitesChatGPT - Textual cotent generationCleanshot X - Image capture & screen recordingCloudflare - DNS level spam bot blocking & improved web metricsDescript - Video editor when I don’t have a good script. Screen recorderDiscord - Community building & croud sourced content for MHDMidjourney - Image generationMurf - Create audio track for times I have a ChatGPT enhanced scriptNotion - My life organizedPages - With Vwllum for creating books & other printed materialsPerfmatters - For optimizing WordPress websitesPixelmator - Image editor

Developing with ChatGPT, Wordpress. Murf, as a test of Ai assisted rapid content generation

WordPress Installed



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