Using Thrive Themes for Fancy WordPress

Using Thrive Themes for fancy WordPress websites ┬áis going to take some time. There is a reason most of the software reviews you see online only compare feature sets. If you really want to understand how software works and what can be done with it, you have to get your hands dirty with actually using […]

Thrive Themes for content building

Using Thrive Themes for content building may finally get me to the nirvana of code free pretty websites! In spite of its reputation for ease of use, I have always found WordPress hard to use. No matter how many expensive themes and plugins I bought I always found myself needing code to get something done. […]

Staying motivated

Staying motivated while building my online store at is hard. We had lots of fun collecting all these neat and interesting things, but all the chores necessary to place them in an online store for sale is not high on my list of things to do. Yesterday I got 11 Black Forest, Germany souvenir […]