Staying motivated

Staying motivated while building my online store at is hard. We had lots of fun collecting all these neat and interesting things, but all the chores necessary to place them in an online store for sale is not high on my list of things to do. Yesterday I got 11 Black Forest, Germany souvenir […]

Branding multiple websites

Branding multiple websites is necessary if you believe, as I do, that more than one website is necessary to present your digital content effectively. There is no one platform that does all things well. Shopify is a great ¬†platform for selling physical products. Thats why I use it to sell antiques and collectibles at […] is a hosting provider I plan to check out as a host for multiple small WordPress websites. When combined with it looks like a system that will let me mange a lot of sites from one control panel. I can avoid the complexities of cPanel. The price is right. I have been using […]